Women In A Current Leadership Roles In Higher Education In Pakistan

Women In A Current Leadership Roles In Higher Education In Pakistan

Women In A Current Leadership Roles In Higher Education In Pakistan

do you know the ratio of the female population in Pakistan? well, it’s 60% and it’s huge.  Pakistani women nowadays are seen in every profession and serve Pakistan with all their power, determination, and skills but they are not enough for representing all the women of Pakistan

now let’s talk about education.

In the field of education, many women bring changes in this society by using their abilities and experiences

whether it’s Dr. Arfa Syeda, Kanwal Ameen, Moneza Hashmi, or Dr.Irfana Maryam, Simi Raheel, Saima Akram Chaudhary, or other incredible personalities. They are all doing great. They wanted to make more women like them. Most colleges’ principles are women.

but unfortunately, these kinds of women are only 27% in our administrative system and the main issue is here. In the male dominant society how can 27% women can stand for 60% women.

The reasons behind this low percentage are subcontinent norms, many in-laws do not allow women to pursue their job  after marriage.

Some parents don’t allow jobs after studies because of the ” ego concept” in our society.

In villages and rural areas, there are many boundaries for women. although the woman in the rural area is multiple times stronger but no awareness organization for them that tells them “you deserve equal human rights and. education is the basic human right of every human”..in these areas, women do labor for low wages but they can’t study.

now in the 2000s, many organizations start working on it. stem education ( science, technology, engineering, engineering, and maths) work on women’s empowerment in these areas because it believes that education can bring change.

as Napolean says

give me well-educated mothers and I will give you a developed nation.

now Pakistan work on it, unfortunately, there are many harassment issues women face every day

during their job but now government make separate emergency no. for it.

and soon we will cover this issue.

In the end, I would like to mention the women that work on it and also those who works in administration sector. the era we lived in is the era of media and technology and many women In an administrative system use social media for awareness. Dr. Hina Sikander, Syeda Mamoona, Humna Raza, Sher sisters, Sania Saeed, Sania Nishter, and many others are doing this great job

More power to all these women who want to make education the basic right for females in this country.

I hope in the next upcoming years we see an equal ratio of men and women in the administrative system.

Written by: Aliya Arooj.

Institute: UVAS, LAHORE.

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