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Benefits of Female Leadership in Higher Education

When females are in higher education at the leading positions, then they can encourage next-generation girls to get higher education and be in that position and it can remove gender disparity from our society.

Importance of Female Leads in Higher Edcuation

The benefits of diversity and gender equality in the leadership and decision-
making should not be underestimated. Women are moral and civic-minded, and
practice diversity.

How to inspire females to get enrolled in higher education

When it comes to literacy, the statistics are quite disappointing standing at 29.7% for an adult-women.

According to the constitution of Pakistan article 37 education is the right of every citizen both men and women equally but due to gender disparity and Pakistan being a highly male-dominated society, most women are deprived of this basic right.

In 2018 22.5 million school-going age children were out of school, by grade six 59 % of the school-going age girls were out of school and only 13 % of girls all around the country made it to the ninth standard.

Female leadership in higher education

Values women can add

Women in higher education provide a new flavor to the functioning and development of institutions

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We are team of 180+ volunteers working together across country to spread the awareness of the importance of female leaderhip in higher education in Pakistan

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